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Expert cheats

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Expert cheats

I playd a game with expert and his second acc, Wolfer, me and 2 seconds in wolfers team, expert and some other players in team hot. Then when game started, Expert only played with expert, his main acc, and let wolfer go a line ... we won anyway, see on , but i think it makes easier for hom to get points. And that, I think, is cheating! please do something against this ****!

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im with u on this hes done it to me before as well. a long time ago though



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He's still doing this,, happy it was unranked. But why are crew not doing anything about cheaters? Just giving them a warning dosent help so stop beeing scared of ddos attacks...

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One month later and expert keeps on cheating his way to the top, look at his match history and see if you can find the patterns.