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The benefits of a premium account are:

  • No advertisements on this website and in Curve Fever 2 when you are logged in to your premium account. Ads can't be removed in Curve Fever 1
  • You can create premium rooms with up to 8 player mayhem
  • Create team games, a truly different way of playing Curve Fever
  • Make use of 5 premium powerups
  • Use another 5 achievements powerups, which you first have to unlock
  • Select with which powerups you want to play, making endless variations on the game
  • Choose your favorite snake color and default keys
  • Have an unlimited amount of friends
  • Create ranked games, which will give you more plus or minus rank points
  • Create minimum or maximum ranked games so you play against people of your own strength
  • Unlock the premium star icon
  • Your icons will now be in gold color
  • You don't have to pay coins to play in premium games
  • Your friends from the friends list can play together with you in premium games for free
The price is €4.99 / 3 months or €9.99 / year for a premium account.

Buy a premium account for €4.99 / 3 months or €9.99 / year.