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SCHEDULE Official November 3v3 Team-Tournament (29th of November, 20:00 CET)

19 Nov 2014 - 16:19



 In this tournament you will compete with other teams in 3 vs 3 matches!

 It will take place on: Saturday, the 29th of November 2014 (around 20:00 CET Time)

 This tournament is for premiums only! (click here to buy premium)

 Note: Your teammates have to be premium as well!



Spoiler: Highlight to view


The game is played as it is -- No compensation for bugs or lag. No rematches.
No cheating.
The games are played on the European server.
The winning team is responsible to post results.
The organisation is always right
Don't forget to have fun!


Make sure all players who sign up are premium users!
Make sure all players have their private message function enabled. (My Account -> Edit -> Enable private messages)
There can only be 3 players in a team, the 3 who sign up must play the whole tournament, no one else. You can make chances until 18:00 CET on the Tournament Day. But don't just edit your Forum post! Contact one of the Tournament Moderators, to make sure, they see the change!
Sign up by telling in this topic who are your other team members (I'm In with xx)


Be there at least 10 minutes before your game is scheduled. If your game is not listed in the lobby yet, please make it yourself.
All times are in Amsterdam time. That is GMT+1 or CET. Look here for time.
Moderators/or friend of yours will make sure no duplicate rooms are created.

Room settings:
Gamename: TOURNAMENT XX (look at the schedule for your roomname, for example: TOURNAMENT 1A)
Password: Password will be given to you by a private message. Make sure the PM function is enabled
Roomtype: Premium
Gametype: Teams
Field size: Full
Powerup set: Speed (Green Speed, Bubbles, Rubber)
Ranked: On
Players: 6
The game can start when all players that have to play are in the room, if not: you can start the room at the Start time given in the schedule.


If you don't show up in the first round, you will be out of the tournament. So don't be late!
If you have no opponent in the schedule, you will auto advance to the next round.
If you finish on a green or yellow place, you will advance and still have the chance on winning the tournament.
Please don't leave after the first round, first check if you are still in the tournament.
If you finish on a red place, you will be out of the tournament.


Post your result in the following results topic so that we can update the schedule (more info given in that topic):


You will get a champion icon in the game.
Text upon joining: "The great champion YourNameHere has joined the game!"
1st place: 1 year of premium or 5000 coins
2nd place: 3 months of premium or 2000 coins
3rd place: 1 month of premium or 1000 coins

Champion tag on:

No team? Search for one here!

IMPORTANT: Don't edit your post! If you change your teammates, make a new post!

If you have read all the info and agree with the rules, join before the 28th of November (19:59 CEST) by saying:

"I'm in with the following people: Name1, Name2, Name3" (make sure that all your players are premium when you sign up)


Good luck and have fun,

The Tournament Moderators

New update released

14 Nov 2014 - 14:21

Hi Curvers! 

We just released the "Lava" update. This updates features:

  • New color: "Lava". Available in the shop for 6000 coins, however untill 21/11/2014 23:59 it will be 66.6% off. That means it only costs 2000 coins in the first week after its release.
  • New music from Pyrorca: Check out his youtube channel for more awesome music.
  • New sound effects: Finally the annoying room hover sound is gone. All buttons now have click sounds. We have added a power down sound. This sound will help you recognize when a powerup is finished. 
  • Rewards for Olympic champion Gilnash
    • Icon: One of a kind Olympic Champion Icon: 
    • Title: The Curve Olympic Champion of 2014 has joined the room!
  • New social media buttons that lead to our Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube
  • To create a premium game as a non premium, now costs 100 coins again, instead of 1 million coins


Happy Curvings!

HeLiX WaVe


Gilnash wins the first Curve Olympics

9 Nov 2014 - 21:49

Congratulations to Gilnash for winning the first Curve Olympics. Even if he get kicked out it the Semi finals in the last tournament, he made 83 Points in six tournaments, won three of them and is therefore the deserved first olympic champion. Also congratulations to Pug. and Usain BoIt for Place 2 and 3.

The next congratulation goes to MisterBart (MarioP1) for winning the sixed tournament. The last final tournament was a kind of replacement for the official October tournament. Therefore he received the Champion title!

We, the tournament moderators know, that the system at all wasn't perfect - But don't forget: It was the first edition! We are planning to do this again in the next year! Tell us your suggestions via private message or if we meet us ingame.

We hope you enjoyed the Olympics at least a bit!

Check the final leaderboard here.

Best Regards

New color released

15 Oct 2014 - 15:56

Yes, finally we have it! A great new color! Enjoy it.

Other changes are:

  • revamped drawing system
  • As a non premium user, you can't create premium games anymore. This is done, as the feature was not clear to the non premium users (why did I lose coins!), and because we wanted to buff the premium account.

We want to thank all the people who helped testing this great color. Without you, it would not be possible.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

As you all know, it did take a long time before we could release this version. This was because we wanted to revamp the event handling system, to make the game faster. However, we couldn't manage to make this bug free. There are like 4 optimizations, which we will bring in small steps into the game. To make this possible, we will open up a topic, were we will share a dev version of the game each day. You will need to tell if it runs stable, or not. This way we can see which optimizations do work, and which are bugged. We hope you want to participate in this and cooperate. More news will follow soon.


19 Sep 2014 - 11:29

Hi everybody,

Contrary to popular belief we did see that there has been a lot going on in the community. For instance one of our users rightfully stated: ”Recently I have observed a significant downfall in so called 'community spirit', and none of the involved parties have done themselves any justice whatsoever.” We are truly sorry to let this have happened.

Another user stated stated: “There are no clear rules at all on this forum. That is the first thing a community needs in order to work and make a better place to live in.”

We couldn’t agree more. The first step we are going to take is to introduce a clear set of rules and guidelines. Together with the moderators we have created the User rules and guidelines, which we based upon the guidelines of other large communities. Please read them carefully.

The next step is to improve the way we communicate with you. First we are going to get you updated about what we are doing by having a Q&A session on Curve Radio. For one hour we will answer all your questions! You can submit questions through the request line of Curve Radio. The session will take place on Monday the 22th of september at 21:00 CEST. After that we will keep you updated on twitter, on which we will try to frequently tweet about what we are doing and what keeps us busy. Here you will also be able to ask us any question. When there are updates or announcements we will use the forum to keep you informed. In the future we will focus on giving a better explanation for the things we do, than you are currently used to from us.

That’s all for now. Feel free to leave a comment below.


The Office
Geert and WaVe