Curve Fever and Curve Fever 2 are the most fun multiplayer games to play together, on 1 keyboard! Not enough space on 1 keyboard, plug in a second one.


Official April 4v4 Team Tournament!

  In this tournament you will compete with other teams in 4 vs 4 matches!

  It will take place on: Saturday the 26th of April 2014 (around 20:00 CET Time)

  This tournament is for premiums only! (click here to buy premium)

  Note: Your teammates have to be premium as well!







Enhanced toggle stats

We build more tools for you to see how your pc is doing. Right click on the chat and select toggle stats to see our new analysis tool.

Ingame you can now also see if you are lagging, or our servers. If you press right mouse button and toggle stats, it will show you a graph of your performance. What it shows:

  • in yellow: your FPS (higher is better)
  • in green: ping with your actual room
  • in red: ping with a reference server in another data center
  • grey lines show 50ms difference

So 3 scenarios:

  • Your internet is bad: Both green and red follow each other in a high spike!
  • Your PC is bad: There is a drop from the yellow points to almost the bottom.
  • Our server is bad: Only the green points go up significantly, the red points stay on the same level.

Have fun experimenting and analyzing the results :)

Read more about lag in this topic:

New Update 0.77

Hi guys,

Under the hood, we revamped the room creation and joining system. But you shouldn't notice anything :)

Best regards,


Shinkansen wins the Official March Tournament 2014


Congratulations to Shinkansen. He won the March FFA Tournament in an amazing final match. Before the last round four people had the chance to win the title! But he kept a cool head and made it!

Shinkansen finished every round exept one on the first rank, played a fantastic last match and deserves therefore the Champion title!

Curve Wall

Good morning Curve Fever community!


I've got something to show that I am really excited about, but first let me introduce myself: 

I'm Martijn Imhoff and I study Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Since september 2013 I've also been an intern at Curve Fever, where I've been working on a cool project. This video explains it:



Let me know what you think!



Curve Fever tribunal

Take action against chat abusers

Go to

What is it?

The Tribunal is a site where players can report chat abusers. In the chat, there is a small link stating: “report player”. Everybody can click this link and make a report about someone saying bad things in the chat.

If you have played more than 100 games, you can are considered a judge and can review cases. Either it is a Pardon or a Punish, or you don’t know. Everybody who has played more than 100 games can become a judge! Because we appreciate your work as a judge, we give 5 coins per case that you have judged correctly. Thus it is also a nice way to earn some extra coins!


We believe that a game like Curve Fever should be nice to play for everybody. The internet is a great place to anonymously troll and offend others. But we don’t want this for our game, and that’s why we decided to take action. And thus we created the Tribunal.

So check it out at

Curve Fever is looking for languages!

Countdown 2.0

Hi guys! As the first batch of countdown recordings were released, we received mixed feedback regarding this new implementation.


Random Voice or Selection?

New Icons

Thank to O_Q the following icons have been implemented!



The 1M is a special icon. to celebrate we have 1 Million registered users! It will cost only 1 coin and you can only buy it this week till the 28th of February! So be fast

New Update 0.76

A new update has been released, containing 2 changes:

- A new color: Rasta! For the reggea people
- A Christmas present: Non premium players can now have up to 100 friends. Halfway of January we will evaluate this change

Have fun!

Stay a gentleman

Dear players,

We want to let you know about a new policy in the forums. Well, actually it is not a new policy, but more an enforcement of a normal rule in life. It's a natural thing to do. We don't like the fact that there is so much swearing going on on the forums. Neither do we like the insulting texts to other users. And inside the game it is also bad. We want to start off by making the forum a polite place for everybody, and hope this politeness will eventually find its way into the game. So this means we will actively work on stopping any swearing or insulting behaviour.

Stay polite and respectful to each other! Be a Gentleman