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SIGN UP Official 2v2-Tournament (25th of April, 20:00 CEST)

14 Apr 2015 - 21:50

 In this tournament you will compete with other teams in 2 vs 2 matches!

 It will take place on: Saturday, the 25th of April 2015 (around 20:00 CEST Time)

 This tournament is for premiums only! (click here to buy premium)

 Note: Your teammates have to be premium as well!


Spoiler: Highlight to view


The game is played as it is -- No compensation for bugs or lag. No rematches.
No cheating.
The games are played on the European server.
The winning team is responsible to post results.
The organisation is always right
Don't forget to have fun!


Make sure all players who sign up are premium users!
Make sure all players have their private message function enabled. (My Account -> Edit -> Enable private messages)
There can only be 2 players in a team, the 2 who sign up must play the whole tournament, no one else. You can make chances until 18:00 CEST on the Tournament Day.
Sign up by using the Sign-Up form on the buttom of this topic. Everybody has to sign up on his own! If more then 2 player sign up with the same team name, we will contact you via private message. If we don't get an answer, the first 2 player who signed up with that teamname are only allowed to play. If less then 2 player with the same teamname sign up, the team will automatically get kicked out of the tournament. Please don't tell others your teamname, otherwise they can sign up with it as well!


Be there at least 10 minutes before your game is scheduled. If your game is not listed in the lobby yet, please make it yourself.
All times are in Amsterdam time. That is GMT+1 or CEST. Look here for time.
Moderators/or friend of yours will make sure no duplicate rooms are created.

Room settings:
Gamename: TOURNAMENT XX (look at the schedule for your roomname, for example: TOURNAMENT 1A)
Password: Password will be given to you by a private message. Make sure the PM function is enabled
Roomtype: Premium
Gametype: Teams
Field size: Scaled
Powerup set: None
Ranked: On
Players: 4
The game can start when all players that have to play are in the room, if not: you can start the room at the Start time given in the schedule.


If you don't show up in the first round, you will be out of the tournament. So don't be late!
If you have no opponent in the schedule, you will auto advance to the next round.
If you finish on a green or yellow place, you will advance and still have the chance on winning the tournament.
Please don't leave after the first round, first check if you are still in the tournament.
If you finish on a red place, you will be out of the tournament.


Post your result in the correct results topic so that we can update the schedule (You can find it on the day of the tournament in the tournament section)


You will get a champion icon in the game.
Text upon joining: "The great champion YourNameHere has joined the game!"
1st place: 1 year of premium or 5000 coins
2nd place: 3 months of premium or 2000 coins
3rd place: 1 month of premium or 1000 coins

Champion tag on:


IMPORTANT: If you want to change a teammate, please contact marloesvr or me via private message.

If you have read all the info and agree with the rules, join before the 24th of April (19:59 CEST):


Good luck and have fun,

The Tournament Moderators

theRealMadridcf wins the second March 1v1-tournament

28 Mar 2015 - 21:23

Congratulations to theRealMadridcf! He may call himself the winner of the second 1v1 March Tournament! Which gives him his 11th champion title! 

He showed his incredible skills again and won with a score of 10-5 against Gilnash. Perny finished on the third place after beating czary1994 with a score of 10-7.

We hope to see you again at the end of April in our 2v2-tournament, so practice hard!

Silver color is out now!

15 Mar 2015 - 16:08

Hi Curvers!

Silence is golden, silver is... our new colour!
Do you want to look like a rich guy? Now is your chance. Look silver.
We will release the Silver colour this Friday, also it will be the first ever patterned colour in the history of Curve Fever, so be there when it drops!
Be one of the first to play with this precious silver snake 

Shinkansen wins the 1v1 March (#1) Tournament

14 Mar 2015 - 21:40

Congratulations to Shinkansen. He won the first ever 1v1 speed tournament in an extremely tight final.

He saved his second title with some incredible moves against Gilnash by winning 10-7. Pjush finished on the third place after beating Xantiv in the Playoffs.

You want more? You get more! In two weeks is the next 1v1 tournament! Don't miss it!

Gilnash wins the February FFA Tournament

28 Feb 2015 - 23:19

Congratulations to Gilnash for winning the first red speed tournament in the history of Curve Fever.

With some nice skills and of course a bit of luck he deserved his fifth title by winning with 18 points in front of the runner up.

Also congratulations to the runner up Xantiv and the shared third place: theRealMadridcf and Pjush.

Game programmer for Curve Fever

24 Feb 2015 - 16:51

Do you want to program for 1 million players? Curve Fever makes an indie game for the web browser, tablet and mobile. We are searching for a passionate and smart programmer, who is great in programming, and in setting up the architecture for a program.

About us

The past two years, we have created a successful indie game: Curve Fever. At the moment we are with 2 persons. Because of the success there are a lot of things that need to be done. That’s why we are searching for an extra programmer. Curve Fever is a small company and thus you will get a lot of influence on the direction Curve Fever will take in the future, and about the software that you will be writing. You will also be able to use our huge community to ask for – and get feedback on – your delivered work.

Your task

You will help making adjustments to Curve Fever, both client side, as server side. Beside this, you will work on the mobile and tablet version of Curve Fever. And finally we will also create new games.

Our wish

We are searching for a passionate and smart programmer, who is great in programming, and in setting up the architecture for a program. Because we work with diverse programming languages and frameworks, we expect you to easily pick up a new programming language or framework. A study on the field of programming or computer sciences (bachelor or master level) or a lot of work experience of this level is a necessity. Besides this, we would like you to work with us at our office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, minimal 4 days a week.


To start with, we offer a contract of 11 months.

Want to respond?

Do you fit the job or do you have questions? Send us a motivation letter, together with your CV to