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Curve Fever

Curve Fever is looking for new Streamers!

26 Nov 2015 - 15:08

Hello Curve Fever Community,
As most of you guys know, there is currently a stream that streams the current tournaments and rarely normal gameplay.
I have tried up to now to recruit people within the game by asking around, sadly this had no big impact, in the last few months, the stream was only up for tournaments, but now it is the time to change that, starting from today, we will be recruiting active players to stream Curve Fever.
The Recruitment does not have a current deadline and not a maximum number, you will have a chance to apply at all times.

Ask me Anything on Twitch

23 Nov 2015 - 13:45

Do you want to ask direct questions to the makers of Curve Fever? This wednesday we will stream live between 7 and 8 and you will get the opportunity to ask us anything about Curve Fever 3, Curve Fever 2, life and other things you are wondering about. So put it in your agenda and check out our twitch on . Hope to see you there.

Meet the team

20 Nov 2015 - 16:35

From left to right: zeroZshadow – Martini – Geert – Nickabilla – ThiefZero

Today there will be no blog about gameplay, mechanics or teasers. Today I want to introduce you to the team that will bring you Curve Fever 3. Because when the team is great, the game must also be great!

Our plans for Curve Fever 3

6 Nov 2015 - 10:56

Hi guys,

As you know, we are working on Curve Fever 3: Snakes on a Plane! Internally we have laid out a great plan to bring you a fresh and new Curve Fever. In the upcoming weeks we will slowly, but steadily tell you more about what it will be. It will have a lot of new and interesting gameplay elements. But today I want to tell you about some things that we will improve upon the old Curve Fever 2.

State of Curve Fever 2

We all love Curve Fever 2. It is a great and simple concept, that you can quickly play during a break on schools, or when you are at home. But the game also has some problems, which make the game less fun to immerse into, or to play for a long time. These are the problems we see in Curve Fever 2, that we want to improve in our next installment

4 days of train rides, hostels, polish food and PGA!

21 Oct 2015 - 15:43

It was one hell of a long weekend in Poland. Great people, great food and great event!

We were able to meet with our VIP guests (some of them in the picture above)cool 
So nice, meeting you! jblaze, egb3, IŚMUŚTE, mehow69, kuba1jakub, thanks for coming by!
We hoped you guys liked what you saw, and had a great day with your VIP ticket!