Curve Fever and Curve Fever 2 are the most fun multiplayer games to play together, on 1 keyboard! Not enough space on 1 keyboard, plug in a second one.


Let's promote Curve Fever

Are you creative and do you have ideas on how to promote this game? Or maybe you know people who can help with promoting this game? Let us know! We are searching for ideas on how to get the game more known, both online as offline. All ideas are welcome, also the wild ones.

Curve Fever 2! Open BETA

Note, There might be many version changes to come in the coming weeks. Because there is version control, you should empty your caches (by pressing CTRL+F5) and restart your browser, if you get a version mismatch error.

Note, There are only few people playing the game right now. So if you want to play an online game, get your friends online, or say a time of start in your room name.

Note, When the game seems laggy, and your frames per second is smaller than 30fps (lower left corner), try to lower the quality of the flash movie by right clicking on the movie -> quality -> low quality. 

Open Beta CF2

Hi all,

We are currently finishing the game to be prepared for the open beta. This means that not all functionality will be there, but that it should be playable without too many bugs. In this thread you can give your feedback and suggestions on the open beta. We want to launch the open beta in the first week of October, and then it will be constantly online. Further there will be an update every week, including at least one new powerup.


Version changes

CF BETA 0.77 (4 april 2013)

  • Room passwords are now obfuscated
  • Champion role can't be obtained by some 'hacking'
  • Included Tribunal
  • Colors can't be stolen anymore
  • Implemented countdown sounds

CF BETA 0.76 (17 december 2013)

  • Introduced Rasta color
  • Increased friends limit to 100 for non premium players

CF BETA 0.75 (19 november 2013)