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Screenshot: Room creation form

17 Apr 2016 - 09:11

Hi guys,

Here is a small screenshot of what we are working on in Curve Fever 3. The room creation form. Especially notice the Powerups section. You can press All or None, and it will select All, or No powerups, and then you can select/deselect one powerup at a time. This should make it easier and faster to have people select their favourite powerup set.


Backend servers are going to be transitioned

9 Apr 2016 - 16:51

Dear players,

Our backend server provider is Yahoo. They are closing down their service and our game is going to be transferred to a new company. This moving should be completed before the 8th of May, but it might cause an unforeseen unreliability in the server network. This might result in lag. We see such a thing right now, with the lag going throug the roof. We are on it to give you the best game experience without lagging, but things are a little out of our control right now. I hope you understand this.

Best regards,



Curve Fever Teaser

11 Mar 2016 - 20:20

Here it is, our teaser trailer!

In this teaser trailer we focussed on the experience first time players have with our game. We wanted to stretch the fun players have playing our game, and also show the new looks of the game, that will be avaiable for beginning players.

We also have great ideas to increase competition and diversity in the game, but that will be shown in a later trailer. You can read some of those ideas in our blog: or on the Curve Fever 3 forums or on

I hope you can recognize your first experiences with Curve Fever and how much fun it is to play Curve Fever with your friends. That is the message we want to bring with the teaser.


Will Curve Fever 3 have an in-game shop?

2 Feb 2016 - 15:09

“Will Curve Fever 3 have micro transactions?” - I get asked this question a lot by our players. And shortly after, they state: “I hope not, I hate micro transactions!”

I totally understand the feeling players have against micro transactions. Micro transactions are often implemented in such a way that they force players to buy stuff, or else progression will be near impossible. Developers often have the idea that they make the game for free and, therefore, they can bully the players into buying stuff. This is something you see a lot in mobile games, like Dungeon Keeper for mobile for example. But this is not how we want to make our game.

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