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Curve Fever

First Technical Test of Curve Fever 3

13 May 2016 - 10:58

We are ready to do our first test of Curve Fever 3!

It will be a technical test. Although you can get a glimps of the way we are heading to with Curve Fever 3, many of the new cool features have been disabled for the test, as they are not mature yet. Instead we will be searching for:

  • Client bugs
  • Server bugs
  • Client performance issues
  • Server performance issues
  • And we want your opinion on some of the things we are testing


How can you help out?

Join our Discord Channel at

On the 18th of May from 11:00 Amsterdam time till late in the evening we will post information in Discord on where you can play the game, and what you should be looking for.


Testing new timer arcs

11 May 2016 - 10:19

Hi guys,

For Curve Fever 3 we have different ideas for the new timer arcs. To see which one is best, we will do some testing in CF2 to see what you guys like best.

Yesterday we put the timer that ends on the snake, so that it opens up in front of you, and it should be easier to go through holes. You didn't like that, so we won't implement that.

Today we will test the opposite of it, that the timer will end in front of you, and start on your snake. This way it is very clear when the timer will end.

Tomorrow we will test it with the timers fixed, statically, to the field, so that it doesn't turn with the field.


Please let us know what you think of the changes!


New servers and closing East Asia Server

10 May 2016 - 12:58

Hi guys,

We have almost completed the move to our new servers. We did some tests with some configurations, and we have found a great Intel Xeon processor server with more than enough RAM in Germany. This should greatly improve the latencies with countries in South and East Europe.

As for the East Asia cluster, we are going to close this cluster. In the last few months there have been too little players online to sustain it. In the future we will look again on how to conquer the Asian and Australian market, but for now they can best play on the USA cluster


Testing new servers

2 May 2016 - 10:54

Hi guys,

We are testing new servers this week. The servers are located in Germany and should reduce your latency. However, it might get a bit bumpy sometimes. We hope that you understand it when the servers are laggy this week.

Best regards,