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19 Sep 2014 - 11:29

Hi everybody,

Contrary to popular belief we did see that there has been a lot going on in the community. For instance one of our users rightfully stated: ”Recently I have observed a significant downfall in so called 'community spirit', and none of the involved parties have done themselves any justice whatsoever.” We are truly sorry to let this have happened.

Another user stated stated: “There are no clear rules at all on this forum. That is the first thing a community needs in order to work and make a better place to live in.”

We couldn’t agree more. The first step we are going to take is to introduce a clear set of rules and guidelines. Together with the moderators we have created the User rules and guidelines, which we based upon the guidelines of other large communities. Please read them carefully.

The next step is to improve the way we communicate with you. First we are going to get you updated about what we are doing by having a Q&A session on Curve Radio. For one hour we will answer all your questions! You can submit questions through the request line of Curve Radio. The session will take place on Monday the 22th of september at 21:00 CEST. After that we will keep you updated on twitter, on which we will try to frequently tweet about what we are doing and what keeps us busy. Here you will also be able to ask us any question. When there are updates or announcements we will use the forum to keep you informed. In the future we will focus on giving a better explanation for the things we do, than you are currently used to from us.

That’s all for now. Feel free to leave a comment below.


The Office
Geert and WaVe

Job opening at Curve Fever for a programmer

18 Sep 2014 - 14:24

We, at Curve Fever, are searching for a programmer to help our little team building the tablet and mobile version of Curve Fever, as well as to make adjustments to the current desktop version. A quick list of what is in the job offer:

What we offer

  • Program for 1 million players and build the best game of the year
  • You will work in a small team and have a big impact on the direction of Curve Fever in the future
  • You will have great control over what you will be programming
  • Test your ideas with the community before they are implemented

Your tasks

  • Work on the tablet version and mobile version of the game
  • Work on serverside code
  • Work on desktop version of the game
  • Be a great team member

Our wish

  • You have a bachelor or masters level in the direction of programming or computer sciences, or have comparable work experience
  • You are able to work at our office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • You don't mind learning new programming languages or frameworks (you don't need to know a specific programming language, as long as you have a good background in programming, by education or work experience)


  • The salary will be equal to that of a junior programmer in The Netherlands
  • It will initially be for 6 months

A full overview of our job opening can be found at Do you fit our profile, or do you know someone who might fit the job? Please reply to us at iwantatcurvefever [dot] com!

Curve Fever League Season 2

28 Aug 2014 - 23:06

Hello I am here to bring the 2nd Season of curve fever league. This time things will change.. if you are confused about what im talking about.. click this it explains everything that I have explained about for Curve Fever league.

Rules & important stuff:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Although few things will change now..To sign up for Curve league please post below you sign up for the draft. Everyone can sign up whether you are premium or not. On draft day you will be chosen from One of the managers. There will be a Room up where the draft will take place at in Europe. It will be public for everyone to join.

Each Team will have a General Manager, the Manager is like the Captain of the team which also means 6 General Managers total. The Draft will have 6 rounds. Each round will have 6 picks in it.

General Rules

  • There will only be Thin powerup Drop 100%
  • The game will be 4v4 on Full map
  • If you want to be a General Manager you must be premium
  • Games take place in Europe
  • No multiple accounts
  • No account swapping
  • General Managers must post the score of their game in the topic that I will create specifically for league Standings
  • There will be 6 teams total with a roster limit of 7
  • Games will be every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Teams will be chosen from the Draft
  • You are not allowed to postpone your game
  • The top 4 Teams in the Standings will move onto Playoffs which will be the Knockout series to determine the Championship team
  • Players may be released but once released they will not be able to play again the remainder of the Season

Any League information such as the Standings, Point Leaders will be posted on this forum. I will post the information myself. If neither of the teams have a player who show up game night that have premium this will result in a Forfeit for both teams because the game cannot be played without a member of either team having premium. If you have any questions or concerns please post in this topic and I will respond as soon as possible

The winners of league will get prizes. The team including the manager will win 3 month premium and the manager will win an additional 2k coins for being manager and putting his/her time into league.

Season 2 General Managers

Spoiler: Highlight to view

1. chaos_2_win  Sweet Bunnies

2. LukePvM    BotUnit

3. Martha    The Fantastic Curvers

4. sam_pum   The Rovers

5. Kacirka    Silent Assassins

6. Xamuel    European Sharks

Season 2 Teams

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Team Rosters


  • European Sharks : Xamuel [GM] ; Lion, Kresca, Goatplayer, Implex, Kanches, Script
  • The Rovers : Sam_pum [GM] ; Pug, peppermint',Sonia, Perplex, Snssays, Momo
  • Silent Assassins : Kacirka [GM] ; Michal-SK, Shinkansen, s-kal, dado22, Nerofxo
  • Sweet Bunnies : chaos_2_win [GM] ; Serenity, katinka, Landende, ingeniousreader8889, Tranquility, oldghz
  • The Fantastic Curvers : Martha [GM] ; gideont, Broodje, Joskeee, cocky potato, Curvette, L0NELY
  • BotUnit : LukePvM [GM] ; reverton, Haru , Bitch.., TheRobot, Diamond, Sora.

Season 2 Schedule

Spoiler: Highlight to view


Week 1 Day 1

Week 1 Day 2

Week 1 Day 3

Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 Day 2

Week 2 Day 3

Week 3 Day 1

Week 3 Day 2

Week 3 Day 3

Week 4 Day 1

Week 4 Day 2

Week 4 Day 3

Week 5 Day 1

Week 5 Day 2

Week 5 Day 3

  • The Rovers vs BotUnit
  • Silent Assassins vs European Sharks
  • The Fantastic Curvers vs Sweet Bunnies

League Standings

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Teams                                Games Played      Wins   Losses    Points

European Sharks                           10                  8          2             24

The Rovers                                       13                   6          7             18

Silent Assassins                             14                   4         10             12

The Fantastic Curvers                 13                 4          9             12

BotUnit                                              12                   9          3             27

Sweet Bunnies                               11                   5           6            15

TOP 10 Leaders In Points

Spoiler: Highlight to view

  1. Pug 847 pts
  2. Joskeee 830 pts
  3. chaos_2_win 708 pts
  4. Michal-SK 628 pts
  5. Haru 620 pts
  6. sam_pum 587 pts
  7. LukePvM 583 pts
  8. Xamuel 564 pts
  9. Kacirka 549 pts
  10. Martha 544 pts

Playoff Bracket

Spoiler: Highlight to view

-Semi Finals-
(Best of 3)

BotUnit vs Sweet Bunnies
BotUnit vs Sweet Bunnies
BotUnit vs Sweet Bunnies

Silent Assassins vs The Rovers
Silent Assassins vs The Rovers
Silent Assassins vs The Rovers

(Best of 5)

??? vs ???
??? vs ???
??? vs ???
??? vs ???
??? vs ???

Flappy Curve

15 Sep 2014 - 15:37

Hello everyone!

Flappy Curve is now available, PLAY NOW!!

Today we're announcing our new game, Flappy Curve! (
Flappy Curve is an arcade game where your only goal is to survive as long as possible
and travel further than ever before!
The game will get harder and harder the further you travel.

Flappy Curve is available only on Windows.


  • Different powerups that help you travel further
  • Fire and Ice colors with the abillity to create your own
  • 8 levels of difficulty
  • Online leaderboards

Best regards,


New site design

10 Sep 2014 - 12:10

Hi everybody,

Today we are very excited, because we are launching our new website. It was something that had been on our list for a long time. We felt that the old design just did not meet the standards of Curve Fever 2.

Let me introduce to you our new site. We focused on creating a clear and consistent style, while keeping it playful, because… it’s all about fun, right? Here are some of the features we implemented:

  • A homepage with animated Curve Fever characters. (These deadly fellas do not have a name yet, can you come up with a cool one?)
  • A sidebar, with all the information you need to see what is happening on the website.
  • A double top menu, which allows you to easily access the most important pages of our website.

In the near future we are going to release more updates that will hopefully improve your Curve Fever experience. We can’t wait, but we have to, otherwise it is not going to be as good as you deserve. For now: please let us know what you think about the new website!

Best regards,

Geert and the moderators

Edit: updated text

Introducing myself.

9 Sep 2014 - 17:48

Hello guys ! :)

I'm Tea your new moderator. I'm girl interested in informatics, soccer, games and rock music, but one of my favourite things is Curve Fever. I started to play it before 7 months and I found it really funny and interesting game. Since i started to play more,  I became interested in being more active in whole community, so i met a lot of people. I always wanted to be one of moderators because I want to help our team to make this game even better!

So I'm your new clan and forum moderator.

Like clan moderator, I'll take care mostly of tournaments. I'll help in making tournaments, sharing it on game and making it fair.

As a forum moderator, I'll follow all topics if they are normal and polite. I want to make sure everyone is behaving good. :)

I'll try be good moderator, everytime you have some question you can ask me! I'm always here for you. :)